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1st Gridspectives Dialogue Forum on the Aesthetics of the Energiewende


Gridspectives is about grids and perspectives; new perspectives.It confronts traditional views with new insights. It reveals the gaps between politics and society as well as between theory and reality. It lets new paradigms evolve and fosters controversial discussions. Energy experts encounter cultural innovators. It is a safe environment for unconventional debates. It is open and fresh – and certainly not boring.

At the first Gridspectives Dialogue Forum on 22 April in Berlin we discussed the Aesthetics of the Energiewende while focusing on emerging, innovative pylon design:

  • What is beauty of power?
  • How do public perceptions change?
  • Why do we fear grid infrastructure?
  • How do designers approach grid design compared to engineers?
  • Which design options are currently internationally discussed?
  • Who should decide about beauty?

In Gridspectives Dialogue Forum was attended by: designers, architects, energy experts, cultural leaders, social innovators, psychologists, media and politics.

Input statements included:

Gridspectives Dialogue Forum: Future and Aesthetics of the Energiewende
22 April 2013, 10am – 5pm + Private Preview 6pm – 9pm
ProjektZentrum Stiftung Mercator
Neue Promenade 6 10178 Berlin