Minister Altmeier & Grid Expo_CeBIT

Photos: 1st Grid Expo @ CeBIT 2013

The 1st Grid Expo at CeBIT 2013 had many visitors, amongst them our chancellor Angela Merkel and Environment Minister Altmaier. Have a look at the photos above! Continue Reading →

Pylons CeBIT

Grid Expo @ CeBIT 2013

The 1st Grid Expo was displayed at the CeBIT, the no. 1 fair for the digital world, from the 5th until the 9th of March 2013! Continue Reading →

T-Pylon Animation – Design Pylons becoming real

An animation of the most recent T-Pylon Design by Bystrup to be build in the UK within the coming month.
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Terna Modelle

Three Terna pylons exhibited at the CeBIT

Terna kindly provided models of the three winning entries of their ‘Pylons of the future’ contest for the 1st GRID EXPO @ CeBIT 2013.

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Germogli Pylon

Germogli: the new pylons of the future

Abandoning traditional and technically consolidated solutions and adopting innovative pylons in terms of their placement in the surrounding environment and of their aesthetic value.  Improving the perception that the public opinion has of pylons:  from “disturbing” elements across the territory to designing projects that can best harmonize with the environment enhancing it while also guaranteeing the highest safety and efficiency levels required by the service.

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Frigerio Pylon

Frigerio: the new pylons of the future

Frigerio Group was awarded with the second prize in the international contest “Pylons of the Future” (2007/2008) by Terna.

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Giugiaro Pylon

Giugiaro: the new pylons of the future

The pylon designed by Guigiaro Studio has been awarded with the third price of the international contest “Pylons of the Future” launched by Terna in 2007/2008.

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