Pylon design wins Red Dot Award

Pylons do not have to look like they used to, they do not have to solely be a technical object. To change this was the mission of Hans-Jochen Hilsberg, from Germany. He designed a star shaped pylon in order to address functional and aesthetic needs of pylons in a time of transformation.

The Red Dot Award committee honoured Mr. Hilsberg for his design concept ‘star pylon’ and rewarded him with the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best for highest design quality.

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Implementation of recent pylon Design

A first case of an actual construction of a recent pylon design – here the T-Pylon -, designed by Bystrup Architects Design and Engineering. The video shows the implementation of the design by National Grid in the UK.

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Stern-Mast (Star-Pylon) is a design by Hans-Jochen Hilsberg, Germany.

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Totem Pylon

Totem Pylon is a design by Chris Snow Architects with STRUCTUREWORKSHOP, UK.

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The Trolls

The Trolls is a design by:
Design: DDI Rudolf Brandstötter,
Constr: Acht. Ziviltechniker GmbH
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Superstring Pylon

Superstring Pylon is a design by Yong-Ho Shin/ shindesignworks, South Korea.

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