DKFS – ARUP Pylon is a design by Dirk Krolikowski & Falko Schmitt, UK.

The proposed pylon is an innovative single-pole steel box girder design for use on new power line projects. The reverse-Y shaped structure suspends insulator chains which carry the conductors. The pylon itself is a diamond shaped steel girder box with varying optimized plate sizes and is tapering towards the top. In some load cases the pinned horizontal compression strut insulators transfer horizontal forces into the pylon. The insulator chain itself carries a small pre-stress to limit sway and vibrations.

An elegant ‘Y’ form along with the tension structures creates a dynamic yet minimal sculpture which is a controlled intervention into the existing landscape, working well in an array. The flow of forces in the pylon is clearly legible, like in structure of a tree or similar natural formations. The elegant simplicity of the structure is in harmony with the surroundings.

The pylon will be delivered to site in segments which will be bolted on site. Maintenance access can be easily gained via integrated ladder steps along the legs and the vertical part of the structure, ensuring safe and efficient maintenance.

The proposed geometric principles can be adapted for the design of tension towers and two pylons can easily be coupled. The design allows for variations in height (footing details and different tower variations), width and bulk to take account of local topography and ground conditions. Approximately six different sized pylon structures are envisaged, each individually parametrically designed to optimally suit the site conditions and height requirements.

The elegant piece of engineering is respectful and inspiriting while preserving the beauty of our countryside.

More information on: http://dkfsblog.blogspot.de/