GRID EXPO at ETH Zurich, 16-19 June 2015

GRID EXPO at the ETH Zurich


The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, is currently ranked as third best university worldwide in environmental sciences. In June 2015, the ETH welcomed the GRID EXPO in its impressive main building located right next to the picturesque Lake Zurich as part of the Swissgrid tour.

From 16 June until 19 June the GRID EXPO was publicly displayed at the ETH. On 18 June, the University hosted a large-scale event on the future of the grid (“Das Stromnetz der Zukunft“). Renowned scientists and representatives of the industry were invited to discuss current and future trends in the european power markets.

GRID EXPO was extended by several research projects from the ETH that gave an insight into recent scientific work in the area of grid development students at the ETH are engaged in.