Helix is a design by ANBArch: Anna Åkerberg, August Wiklund, Benjamin Melin Mandre, Björn Ekelund & Fredrik Nordh, Sweden.HELIX can be described through its construction as matter. Form emerges when matter is placed in social and spatial contexts. The proposal positions high-wires and towers as important and significant mediators of society. By means of architectural and urban design qualities, it creates a positive relation to society and the landscape of Iceland, in every situation.

Construction: The structural concept of the Helix totally integrates construction, electromagnetical issues and visual impact. This is made possible by a flexible space frame system built of tensegrity modules that can be warped into practically any shape. The structure, made from lightweight composite materials, benefit from low EMF rates. It is also self-stable, which results in a stiffness that would be impossible to achieve with conventional solutions.

Place: Place is one of the fundamentals of this proposal. In some locations HELIX should blend well into the landscape, while in others it should be prominent. Sometimes the design interact with the surrounding, in others it is opposed to the surrounding. This flexibility of design and interaction is possible through the scale of four different parameters: Boundary, Complexity, Configuration and Resolution.

More information on the above indicated topics here or by contacting Björn Ekelund (one of the makers) on ekelunds@bredband.net.