Idea Grid Expo


We believe that design means responsibility

Current grid discussions are either highly technocratic and bureaucratic or ideologically polarised. To make grids popular, the public debate has to become emotional and exciting. Grids have to become “my business” instead of “my problem”.

Grids all over Europe are changing, with new pylon designs being constructed in England or Italy. The traditional steel mast design might soon become outdated. GRID EXPO follows those developments and makes them available to a wider audience.


GRID EXPO is an exhibition concept. We present models, sketches and technical descriptions of designs to a wider audience or at smaller exclusive events. In addition to the visual materials, we invite architects to tell the visitors about their visions and inspirations.

GRID EXPO brings together stakeholders, making room for an exchange of ideas that can be put into action. At GRIDSPECTIVES we continue the conversation with non-energy experts from the media, social sciences and the arts at our Dialogue Forums.

GRID EXPO keeps you up to date with new developments of innovative pylon design. We continuously seek for architects who develop new ideas on how the grid of the future could look like. You can find our design database alongside current news from the grid design development here.


Our partners include non-governmental organisations and foundations such as Stiftung Mercator and high-tech companies and TSOs such as Swissgrid.

If your organisation is interested in a partnership with GRID EXPO, please contact Lena Buck ( for further information.