Setting new directions in the debate on pylon aesthetics


Can local stakeholders open the discussion on grid aesthetics? Lübecker Nachrichten reports on the case of Ostholstein, where the ongoing plans of the new high voltage line encouraged a discussion on design of electricity pylons.
In the northern German region of Ostholstein, plans for a new high voltage construction are reaching its final stages. Intrigued by the wide range of possibilities, the local decision-makers are engaged in a debate on various aspects of implementing those new designs. German safety standards and production requirements might make it tiresome for a TSO to put across a more innovative and fresh design than the old-fashioned one. However, the article mentions, some TSO’s decide to give it a try, just like TenneT, whose efforts to receive green light for the construction of the new compact masts resulted in concrete construction plans in Brunsbüttel (Schleswig-Holstein).

You can find the full article (in German) here.