Migrant Mast


Migrant Mast is a design by Rever & Drage Architects, Norway.
The design was presented at the am “Skulpturmast” competition of Statnett, Norway in 2011.

The dimensions of the pylons are sprung from sweeping landscapes, and they are first and foremost percepted as integrated in such sceneries.

The pylons can be seen as part of a migration. They are in he middle of a long line of pylons, and they apply to the movement and direction of this line.

They are related to fairy tales, and can be interpreted as giants or trolls. Giants which are neither good or evil; they just mind their own business. These giants are occupied pulling powerlines through forests and mountains.

High-voltage transmission towers can be animated as any other object. More or less soulful. They should be met by awe, but can also be useful allies. These pylons open up for a more positiv interpretation of electrical pylons as such. By animating some pylons all power lines can be read samewise; these are workes supplying homes with power.

The site for the pylons can perfectly well be a silent and grandoise place to visit, but mainly the pylons are thought of as a bit withdrawn, remote and dimmed in their setting, adjectives which fit their psychology.

The design has wood as a main constructive material, even though steel plays a crucial part. In addition to wood beeing a bit of a friendly material in itself, and also giving a good carbon-accounting for that matter, the mere existence of wood as such a prominent material in the expression of the pylons gives a brand new experience of what a pylon can be in terms of public dismay and landscape aesthetics.

The upper steel frame has an outline of calm led light. This points out the carrying task of the pylons, and at the same time strengthen their supernatural tendency.

More information on: http://rdtw.no/