Pylon design wins Red Dot Award


Pylons do not have to look like they used to, they do not have to solely be a technical object. To change this was the mission of Hans-Jochen Hilsberg, from Germany. He designed a star shaped pylon in order to address functional and aesthetic needs of pylons in a time of transformation.

The Red Dot Award committee honoured Mr. Hilsberg for his design concept ‘star pylon’ and rewarded him with the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best for highest design quality.

Altogether, the Red Dot Design Award jury awarded among over 4000 entries from 60 countries just 40 concepts, including the ‘star pylon’ concept of Mr. Hilsberg. The winners of the Red Dot Awards were honoured on the 26th of September 2014 in Singapore at the official Red Dot Design Awarding ceremony.

The star pylon is a concept, which focus on the technical needs of a pylon and replays at the same time to the highest design quality.

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