Stern-Mast (Star-Pylon) is a design by Hans-Jochen Hilsberg, Germany.

Due to the goals of the Energiewende, the electricity grid needs to be extended in a fast pace. Within this development the question for a new architecture of electricity pylons arises.

The public acceptance of new pylons will be decisive for a swift extension of the grid. Efficient construction reduces occupancy of landscape and electromagnetic pollution for the residents. Furthermore, a slim and elegant design integrates more harmonically in the countryside. Old lattice pylons will always be a foreign object in landscapes whereas new, more round and massive pylons raise associations with trees while cross beams and insulators resemble branches or leaves.

A study by Austrian Power Grid has proven that the conventional lattice pylons – despite many years of proven type of construction – are rather perceived as frightening than new, more compact pylons that are considered to be more beautiful and modern.
Still, new pylons should most importantly meet the technical requirements and turn it into a meaningful, holistic design instead of being a design object in itself.

With the current field tested construction techniques, including spun-concrete poles and rod insulators, it is not only possible to build pylons that are competitive in economical and technical terms, but ones thats are also reflecting a new energy-age in their design.

The design received the “Red Dot Design Award 2014: Best of Best”.

Concept description by Hans-Jochen Hilsberg, also available in German.