Setting new directions in the debate on pylon aesthetics

Can local stakeholders open the discussion on grid aesthetics? Lübecker Nachrichten reports on the case of Ostholstein, where the ongoing plans of the new high voltage line encouraged a discussion on design of electricity pylons.
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French version of the brochure, PDF German, PDF French

GRID EXPO is touring Switzerland and you are invited to join us for two upcoming public events.

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First GRID EXPO in collaboration with Swissgrid

First GRID EXPO in collaboration with Swissgrid

As part of the Grid Innovations project involving the GRID EXPO and Swissgrid a first exhibition was displayed at the opening of the new Swissgrid office location in Prilly on the 9th of February. The event was attended by the energy minister of Switzerland Doris Leuthard and the Swissgrid CEO Pierre-Alain Graf as well as multiple high ranking CEO’s of energy related companies located in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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Pylon design wins Red Dot Award

Pylons do not have to look like they used to, they do not have to solely be a technical object. To change this was the mission of Hans-Jochen Hilsberg, from Germany. He designed a star shaped pylon in order to address functional and aesthetic needs of pylons in a time of transformation.

The Red Dot Award committee honoured Mr. Hilsberg for his design concept ‘star pylon’ and rewarded him with the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best for highest design quality.

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Designer Pylons and Grid Expansions

That designer pylons may overcome the lack of enthusiasm for grid expansions in the German population is stated by a post of RheinEnergieBlog: This article displays those pylons that were featured by the GRID EXPO project.

Energy Bloggers feature Pylon Designs

Several characteristic pylon designs that are displayed by the GRID EXPO project are featured at 123energie Blog. A short overview and some impressions about those valuable models show once again that utility and art complement each other.



GRID EXPO displayed a model of the T-Pylon during the trade fair at the Renewable Energy Forum in Hannover from the 7th – 11th April 2014. The forum was arranged and hosted by the Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien (Agency for Renewable Energies). GRID EXPO’s presence was considered to be a valuable contribution and of great significance towards renewable energies overall.

In order to get a better insight additional photos and presentations from the forum can be seen here.

Implementation of recent pylon Design

A first case of an actual construction of a recent pylon design – here the T-Pylon -, designed by Bystrup Architects Design and Engineering. The video shows the implementation of the design by National Grid in the UK.

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