Terna Modelle

Three Terna pylons exhibited at the CeBIT


Terna kindly provided models of the three winning entries of their ‘Pylons of the future’ contest for the 1st GRID EXPO @ CeBIT 2013.

Terna is a leading electricity transmission grid operator headed by Flavio Cattaneo, CEO, and chaired by Luigi Roth, Chairman. Terna is the first independent operator in Europe and sixth in the world for kilometers of electricity lines managed.

Environmental awareness inspired the International Contest “Pylons of the Future” (2007/2008) for designing new energy transmission supports capable of blending innovation, technology, design and respect for the environment.  A contemporary and sustainable vision of the electricity infrastructures is a top priority, ensuring the highest quality of the service while also enhancing the natural landscape.

“We are launching a clear signal – stated Terna’s CEO Flavio Cattaneo –  modernizing the country by developing infrastructures can have economic, aesthetic and environmental advantages.”

The contest’s first Prize was awarded to Hugh Dutton Associés for the Germogli pylon designed by the architect Hugh Dutton that imagined “elegant pylons inspired by leaves and trees”.  The second prize was awarded to the Frigerio Group and third place went to the Giugiaro Studio.